We watched anxiously as Mr. Paul C. Huntsman assumed ownership of The Salt Lake Tribune several years ago.

The only change that I notice in the newspaper after the sale is rather severe cuts in the number of pages it contains especially the Monday and Tuesday papers. Advertisements continue to take up much of the printed pages. The front page is often used to discuss local social issues I think belong elsewhere.

The general tenor of the news is reported in a manner acceptable to political liberal subscribers, of which there are many in the Salt Lake City market. The Opinion section is a liberal reader’s heaven, especially the professional columnists and political cartoonist.

No attempt was ever made to reach out to many more conservative newspaper readers in the state of Utah. What we are buying is the same news product that had caused financial trouble before Paul Huntsman took ownership.

When you keep doing the newspaper in the same liberal tone that was failing before and expect to have different results, you are fooling yourself. I really don’t expect the new nonprofit operation to be successful. You simply make no effort to reach the majority of the readers in the state of Utah.

Stuart Young, Sandy