I just finished my taxes using TurboTax. I am now retired. Has anyone else been hit with a huge tax due to Utah state taxes?

I owe $2,800, even though my income has been cut by two-thirds. WTH? I had no idea that the state of Utah would need so much more of my limited funds.

I am getting some refund from the federal government, as I guess they understand how small my income in now.

Then I read Robert Gehrke’s column about all the money we gave away to interest groups, like $2 million to Big Game Hunters to combat wolves. And we have no wolves in Utah. Is that where my $2,800 is going?

Or how about the court battles that follow our Legislature’s message bills? What Rep. Karianne Lisonbee got through is a joke. And court battles will ensue. As with all the abortion bills. Is that were my $2,800 is going?

Why don’t I have a choice on what the money is going toward, along with my state taxes already deducted?

I want taxation by representation, and I want to choose where my tax payments go. Not to message bills. This is a large chunk of my savings that I have to pay the state, and I am not happy about it considering they are bragging about a $1 billion surplus. Do they really need my $2,800?

Jan Satterfield, West Jordan