The recent letter in The Salt Lake Tribune, “A mix of capitalism and socialism works best” by Stephen Clark on March 6, got it right. I would go on to add:

Capitalism has given Americans a good standard of living, but uncontrolled capitalism has hurt many Americans and contributed to growing income inequality. Many people cannot afford decent housing, healthcare, etc. As President Herbert Hoover said, “The trouble with capitalism is capitalists; they’re too damn greedy.”

Your enemy is not Mexicans coming across our southern border (a distraction created by the capitalists), it is greedy capitalists who have bought politicians and our system that lets them do it. We must demand publicly financed elections. Americans are being duped by capitalists to vote against their own interests by Fox News (right-wing media) and Koch Brothers (billionaire) money.

We need regulated capitalism so that average Americans can have housing, health care, safe communities, good educations, etc. We need to once again set an example for the world, as was done under President Franklin D. Roosevelt, whom Utahns voted for four times.

Mark Rothacher, Salt Lake City