A Republican neighbor, active in politics, recently said it will be good to get rid of President Donald Trump in 2020. I, a Democrat, said he will not likely be defeated; he dominates the entire stage, for good or ill.

It is much like producing the opera “Carmen.” If the director does not have a lady to cast as Carmen who completely dominates the stage, they should not produce “Carmen.” She may have a world-class voice but she must also be an ever-present personality. Trump is ever-present, not just in America, but on the world stage — he is a Carmen. He may not be in tune and forget his lines from one day to the next, but he always controls. Background music is not well-written, and most sound is from the percussion section. There are many stops at the makeup department for his signature hairdo, a symbol something like Popeye’s pipe.

Thinking back to the 2016 election, first the Republican opponents and then Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were speaking words and ideas. Carmen Trump was posturing, calling attention to himself even when others were speaking. His was and is a dominant presence. He cannot sing or muster coherent reasoning, but he dominates.

Jerry Crouch, Salt Lake City