I’ve always considered myself to be impartial. Most recently, I have become concerned with the building of the border wall. I read articles, listened to speeches, analyzed interviews — all of which held viewpoints.

When I felt my research was sufficient, I attempted to take a stance on the issue. But I couldn’t.

A little girl with messy brown hair, bright eyes and a crooked smile was imprinted in my mind. The girl’s name is Sayumi. She lives in a small town near Cancun, Mexico. I met her, her brother and her parents last summer, and immediately fell in love with her adorable accented English and her contagious laugh. The thought of building a wall between us made me sick and I was suddenly very grateful that I was not President Trump.

Because the president cannot think of Sayumi. He can’t think of the English alphabet taped onto her wall. He can’t think of her dreams, that’s not his job. His job is not to look at the individual, but at the country as a whole. His job is to protect U.S. citizens and, as much as I hate to admit it, his job is not to be compassionate.

Sami Davis, South Jordan