On Jan. 9, The Tribune had a blaring front-page headline, “Trump makes his case.” Below it, in small print, was the statement “Schumer says … manufacture a crisis.” I took out my trusty ruler to measure the size of the letters and determined that the headline was 30 times larger than the disclaimer.

I want to believe that The Tribune is not only a good newspaper, not only fair, not only recognizes the evil megalomaniac occupying the White House, but wants to call him out on his lies. Therefore, it is really sad that The Tribune gives credence to the president’s lies by giving him such large headlines. In these times of crisis, it should have been exactly the opposite: “Schumer catches president in dangerous lies,” followed by, “Trump repeats same old falsehoods.”

Unless this dangerously manipulative president is repeatedly called out for his lies by the free press, this country is going to continue down a very dangerous path.

Michael A. Kalm, Salt Lake City