While I appreciate Samantha Brimhall’s acknowledgment that the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s report is very scary, I don’t see much hope in relying on resilience resources such as “community gardens, innovative hubs, environmental and social justice groups, collectives, alternative media outlets.”

Eugene Robinson’s opinion article about the reality of climate change is much more on target. We need to substantially reduce burning of fossil fuels for Samantha and her college friends to have a livable future.

The Citizens’ Climate Lobby advocates for a market-based mechanism to charge a fee at the source or point of entry on carbon producing fuels. The proceeds will be returned to citizens through an annual dividend. A carbon fee and dividend is a simple, effective way to reduce America’s carbon emissions fast. Check out citizensclimatelobby.org for a bipartisan solution to climate change.

Jean M. Lown, Logan