"We the people" have spoken through the democratic process of the ballot concerning medical marijuana. But The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and its acolytes have disagreed with the majority of Utah voters. As usual, they believe they know best. So they have asked (demanded?) the Utah Legislature to convene in a special session Dec. 3 to "redo" Proposition 2, in the manner they envision it, into Utah law. In an undemocratic process, the Legislature is expected to carry forward the will of "The Church" and modify, diminish and otherwise change the initiative to suit the LDS leaders.

What a terrible commentary. The LDS hierarchy knows what it wants, and what it wants supersedes the will of the people as put forward in a democratic process in our state. I am embarrassed and unsettled for Utah. After all these years, the LDS Church maintains the clout, pressure and audacity to override the will of the people of our great state.

Sam Rushforth, Orem