Each morning I begin my day with a cup of coffee and The Salt Lake Tribune. This morning I was brought to tears and laughter, was educated, agreed with and disagreed with today’s feast of information: “McAdams ousts Love,” “Global economy showing signs of slowing down,” etc. I was moved by East High School’s support for fellow students. I heartily disagreed with President Donald Trump’s latest debacle. I was profoundly moved by John Dombek’s “Why do we thank God on Thanksgiving Day?”, and I cried as I read Greg Skordas’ commentary, “This year, I’m thankful for Brent Taylor.”

This year I am thankful for The Tribune! I argue with some letters in the Public Forum, cheerfully agree with others, and at times weep. A morning without “my” Trib is a sad morning indeed.

Thank you, Tribune, for continuing to educate, inform and print differing opinions. May the free press survive! In today’s world, our very existence depends on it!

Cora Lee Jckowski, West Jordan