Winter is just around the corner, and with the season come temperature inversions. A recent article, “The coolest of the schools,” printed in the Sierra Magazine, caught my attention.

Sierra Magazine listed qualified colleges and universities from across North America that are most eco friendly. The “cool school” rankings assessed colleges’ and universities’ performances in everything from what they teach to how they obtain their electricity to sources of cafeteria food and how they manage their water to glean information about how environmentally proactive each institution is.

Some 269 institutions of higher learning responded. The University of Utah was rated 128th, Utah State 158th, Weber State 242nd; BYU and UVU did not respond.

We who live along the Wasatch Front and Cache Valley reside in one of the most air-polluted areas in the nation, I would like to see our local universities dedicate more monies and expend more energy in going green to help mitigate the filthy air we are frequently forced to breathe.

D. Randy Fisher, Farmington