It appears that UDOT has no good solutions to solve the high number of HOV lane violations occurring in Davis County except Highway Patrol blitzes.

Human psychology dictates that HOV lanes are supposed to be designed to be more convenient and allow drivers to pass up congested freeway lanes. The inadequate funding to provide for HOV passing lanes and the relatively low speeds of HOV contribute to the increased irritation and anger of HOV drivers, who then violate rules.

Real solutions involve the expensive construction of an additional HOV lane so HOV drivers can pass really slow drivers or a minimum HOV lane speed that is equal to or even higher than the 70 mph speed of most freeways.

Also, high occupancy means “high occupancy,” so eliminating the one-driver option would seem very literally appropriate to reduce real traffic congestion and reduce air pollution. At minimum, using HUGE pleasing decals on vehicles allowed for HOV driving would also be great to publicly humiliate those drivers in HOV lanes without the decals and to catch them.

Tab L. Uno, Clearfield