I hate that whenever I take my daughter to a crowded play area or school event, or when I attend a gala with my wife or even just go to work each day, I consider what I’d do if the inevitable nut job with an assault rifle showed up.

I know it’s my imagination at work, but it’s happened enough that we now have mandatory “active-shooter trainings” at work and lockdown drills in our schools, so perhaps it’s not just a scary fantasy? It’s something we now get to think about when we’re watching our kids play and giggle, attending a place of worship or just going about our day.

I’m not afraid of a caravan of migrants simply seeking asylum from a dangerous place. (I’m not so sure they’re coming somewhere safer than from where they fled.) I’m afraid of the folks who were born here, who have easy access to weapons of mass destruction they can purchase at any Walmart. They are the real terrorists who have been embedded in our consciousness.

Jason Yocom, Salt Lake City