The Salt Lake Tribune published an op-ed about Rep. Mia Love (“Mia Love says everything but does nothing”) on Oct. 26.

Any insinuation that Mia Love is all hat and no cattle warrants a response. In recent weeks, the race for the 4th District has taken on national implications, in large part because Love is a leader of consequence in D.C. She is regarded with respect in Congress because she is effective, her word is good and she delivers for constituents. Nowhere is this more apparent than with respect to Love’s support for clean energy solutions.

In addition to illustrating her desire to work across the aisle as a member of the Climate Solutions Caucus, Love has also cosponsored the Public Land Renewable Energy Development Act, a bipartisan proposal that would make it easier to expand wind and solar projects on federal lands. Love has also supported legislation that would allow clean energy groups to tap into investments used by fossil fuel companies.

Rep. Love can be counted on to put the needs of her constituents first and deliver results by working across the aisle to get things done.

Heather Reams, managing director, Citizens for Responsible Energy Solutions, Washington, D.C.