I fail to understand what is going on. Utah is a very religious state, and most of the residents have a high moral value and try to live their lives in the best way possible. We are notorious for trusting people too much and allowing ourselves to be taken advantage of by people who think money is so important you can lie to get more.

We now are subject to presidential "leadership" that exemplifies dishonesty, corruption, financial conflicts, infidelity and many other issues that fly in the face of our values. We have six national "representatives" who supposedly espouse the values of our state but, when it comes to supporting the president, they seem to be in lockstep with his constant diatribe and lies.

We have an opportunity to send a message to Washington that enough is enough, so this November please vote Utah values and not for our current "representatives" who seem to get lost in personal agendas and forget who they really represent.

Paul N. Davis, Logan