I am 70 years old, living in Haines, Alaska, and have been closely following the candidacy of Jenny Wilson for U.S. Senate in Utah. If I had the ability to negotiate driving big city streets I’d be there now to knock on doors for Jenny. I don’t. This letter is my best substitute for the door-knocking.

My grandparents were Charles and Sylvia Heiner of 739 Kensington Ave. in Salt Lake City. My mother, Sylvia June Heiner Kennell, and infant brother are buried in Salt Lake City Cemetery. I spent my childhood years roller skating on Kensington Avenue and visiting Liberty Park.

Our country is at a crossroads. I see that Jenny Wilson, if elected senator, could do many positive things for the people of Utah and the nation. We need senators with conviction and character and strength who will represent the people. Jenny Wilson is that person.

Jenny’s roots are deep in Utah. If the people of Utah want to elect a person to represent them in Washington, D.C., who will work for them, getting out to vote and marking that vote for Jenny Wilson is the right thing to do.

Please vote. Mark that ballot for Jenny.

Kathleen Kennell Menke, Haines, Alaska