War, famine, disease, global warming, drug epidemics, human trafficking, human rights abuses, Donald Trump, sexual assault (oh, I’m sorry, the last two were redundant) and God picks up the phone and calls Russell Nelson about nicknames.

I am fairly certain, President Nelson, that this was a prank call. You had better check your caller ID.

I am always disinclined to denigrate any belief system; after all, I was raised in a church that teaches I am eating the body and blood of a guy who has been dead for 2,000 years and gave us the Inquisition. None of us has a high horse to climb on. But if you are going to climb on one, please have the good sense to speak on a topic that might seem as if God might be concerned with it. And at least makes it into the top 1,000 things that are real issues.

All due deference to my good and devout neighbors and friends of all religions, no matter how unwieldy their names.

Bob Barr, Salt Lake City