Holladay has experienced and continues to experience a loss of its tree canopy. This is due to clear cutting of properties, leaving nothing but dirt.

Construction’s heavy material loads on shallow roots kill trees. Sometimes, trees are not adequately watered, or diseases and insect infestations destroy them. While some new trees are planted, it's typically not in the same numbers as those that are lost.

Trees absorb air pollution that harms our health. Trees absorb carbon that's causing climate change. When trees are destroyed, stored carbon is released. Thus, worse fires and flooding occur because of these changes. Trees retain moisture in the soil and limit soil erosion. Trees reduce the cost of air conditioning in hot summers. Trees provide habitat for birds and animals for us to enjoy.

We're leaving a legacy for future generations. Let it not be one where we fail to act to improve our air quality, to impact climate change, to help limit flooding, to reduce utility costs and to maintain a naturalized living place.

Camille Pierce, Holladay