When my daughter, Wendy, was a student at our local brick-and-mortar school, she was the target of relentless bullying. To avoid it, she escaped to the churchyard across the street and started to miss classes because of it. I worried that Wendy did not feel safe in an environment that was supposed to help her grow. Thankfully, she found a safe haven in online school.

Now that Wendy is enrolled in school at Utah Virtual Academy, she is truly prospering in a bully-free zone. Last year, Wendy and I attended a back-to-school night for students and their families. The students came from different backgrounds and walks of life. And I was impressed by how warm and welcoming they all were. That’s when I knew that we made the right decision with online school.

Now that Wendy is excited about learning again, I have peace of mind. For this, I am thankful and cannot imagine another alternative.

Sonja Price, Spanish Fork