We are facing another election during a time of strife and national disillusion with a nation divided on every issue. Usually this is a normal way of a republic, but this election is much like the elections in 1858 and 1860, which eventually led to the Civil War. We are not far from that now.

Let’s look at what we have as an alternative. Why not go with another party besides the Republicans and the Democrats and go perhaps with an independent, a Libertarian or even a socialist? Why are we so attached to the same old party of the Republicans who no longer know what they believe in or the Democrats who do not know whom to follow and are also in disarray?

I will not vote for the Republicans and I definitely will not vote for the Democrats. The Mia Love vs. Ben McAdams race is proof there. Mitt Romney vs. Jenny Wilson is another example of how badly our nation has sunk into the mire of swamp rats.

Until these parties can come to grips with what is going on around them, why do we not simply look to more independents and other parties to vote for? George Washington was suspicious of political parties, and now I know why. Vote independent or for a third party or just simply don’t vote at all.

I have never missed an election since I started voting in 1978, but I am thinking of not voting in this upcoming election if I have to be stuck with those Republicans and the Democrats. Boycott the elections.

Wade Marshall Miller, Murray