It has been a real privilege to watch Shireen Ghorbani’s candidacy for Utah’s 2nd Congressional District, the position now held by Chris Stewart. In Ghorbani, we have a noble candidate who has worked as hard as humanly possible to represent Utahns in Congress. Yet we wonder how many Utahns are actually aware of this wonderful woman and how capable, energetic and rational she is — how lucky we would be to have her represent us in this now divided, discordant, broken government of ours.

Ghorbani is a woman who would represent Utahns — not corporations or PACS, from which she does not and would not take contributions. Here is a woman who is a humanist in the best sense of the word, who sees the goodness and value of human beings. Here is a woman with a clear vision of a way forward for our great state and for the country as a whole.

Please don’t sacrifice her candidacy for “business as usual.” Look up Shireen Ghorbani. Read her statements. We are so lucky to have her as a candidate. Let’s continue to proudly follow this woman as a member of Congress.

William Moyle Browning, Salt Lake City