For me, proper health insurance is the difference between life and death. I have to take about 18 medications to manage my conditions, which include heart failure, a stroke, diabetes and Bell's palsy — all of which began during the same incident while I was at work. The cost of just one of my medications is $2,700 every other month.

I describe these ailments and their treatments not to complain, but to highlight the life-saving financial assistance that Medicaid has provided me as I manage payments for my medication.

Although I still struggle to pay for the range of prescriptions, the low copays secured through Medicaid have made the costs of medication and doctors' visits manageable. Dealing with my conditions has been difficult as is. I can't imagine what I would do without help paying for the treatments necessary to manage them.

I moved to Utah to be close to my son and have enjoyed getting to know the good people of this state. I hope that my story serves as an example to my fellow community members about the incredible assistance Medicaid provides its recipients.

Paul Larsen, Salt Lake City