Congress has become nothing but a personal forum for members to grandstand their own agenda. The recent Supreme Court nomination committee meeting was a total disgrace. No matter which way you lean, it was nothing more than an opportunity for personal political gain.

No longer do members of Congress think they work for or serve the people. Civility and common sense no longer apply. Unfortunately, this has carried over to the media and the public in general. Gone are the days when anchors/reporters covered the news without adding their spin on what the listener/reader should believe. Just because someone has a platform (i.e., a microphone in hand, celebrity award shows, etc.) does not mean that is the time and place to spill vile and unsupported claims against anyone.

It’s OK to disagree, but there is a time and place to voice opinions and it’s up to each one of us to stand up and return this country to a more civil society.

Lynn Averett, Centerville