Friday in The Salt Lake Tribune, I was “thrilled” to see that the governor and his cohort of fatherly white Republicans, who know what is best for us, will hold a special session to enact a new marijuana agreement, “no matter how the initiative turns out.”

It is so comforting to know that the overlords of Utah are there to protect and insulate us from things the uninformed citizens may desire, such as clean air and reduced congestion (inland port, lack of support for renewable energy), wild public lands (kill monuments, mine carbon) and correct thinking (medical care rationed by income, business is our main business), wanting change (we know best, so gerrymander wildly and don't let citizens decide).

It would be so interesting to see Utah escape from the shadow of these folks and blossom into a really progressive and interesting state. We could start the progress by choosing to listen to citizens instead of overlords and starting the crawl out into the light.

Catherine Smith, Layton