I am now convinced I know why this planet has not been contacted by intelligent aliens of another planet and/or galaxy. Any beings looking at this planet for any intelligent life would quickly realize there is none.

They would see a planet bent on self-destruction and not waste their time making contact. Why would they?

They would see a country that would vote for a president who is a bigot and misogynist — and, let’s not forget, crook — who believes he is the smartest person in the world.

They would see people killing people in all corners of the world. They would see people like Russian President Vladimir Putin, who controls with an iron fist. And Kim Jong-un, who doesn’t know the definition of human rights. People starving without being helped by others. Families running from oppression and violence and being turned away at the borders of others.

They would see beings who are killing the planet on which they live. Belching out poisonous gases into their own atmosphere. Beings who know they are killing their own planet and just continue to do so. Why would any self-respecting alien waste their time on us? Intelligent beings from another world would look at this planet with its self-destructive ways and just keep searching for intelligent life somewhere else.

Scott Schannon, Cottonwood Heights