As a retired educator, I am strongly in favor of increasing funding for public education. However, I am opposed to Question 1.

Using fuel taxes is not an appropriate method of funding schools. Knowing the history of our state Legislature, I would think this would be a carte blanche to increase funding for building roads and road maintenance.

Regarding school funding, we already have a mechanism for that; it is called state income tax. It is politically poison, but it is the primary source of school funding.

I know that increasing income tax is anathema to our legislators; however, it is one of their responsibilities. Perhaps there should be another responsibility applied.

Utah has the unique quality of large families. I suggest that our tax code should be altered to impose that responsibility to its source.

Although it is terribly unpopular, a reduction or elimination of the tax exemptions for dependents would be appropriate. Currently, those with the most children contribute much less than those without children. Change the tax code to reflect the needs of public education.

Jim West, Farmington