Letter: DABC killed Lamb’s Grill, but couldn’t kill Brewvies

Al Hartmann | The Salt LakeTribune John Speros walks through the empty dining room at Lamb's Grill in Salt Lake City. The restaurant closed in the summer of 2017, after nearly 100 years in business.

Lamb’s Grill restaurant in downtown Salt Lake City survived from 1919 to 2017. For nearly a century, it shrugged off anything you could throw at it: wars, recessions, depressions, Prohibition, you name it.

But Lamb's Grill could not survive the agents of destruction who populate our Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. When they go to work on a company, nothing can survive the onslaught, not even Lamb's Grill.

Or so they thought. Enthralled by their unearned and undeserved power, the DABC recently turned its malevolent gaze on Brewvies, and, lacking anything better to do, tried to destroy that establishment as well.

But this time the DABC lost, as did the entire state when it had to pay attorney fees of a half-million dollars because of the DABC’s unconstitutional thirst for power and lack of concern for the welfare of the state. Every time the agents of the DABC lift their diseased snouts from the public trough, the people of Utah suffer.

Chase Kimball, Salt Lake City

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