State government in Utah is a democratic dictatorship. The will of the majority is only honored if it coincides with special interests, which is seldom. Clearly, this is a gross violation of democracy despite claims of the single-party political machine.

We are told that we can’t have better-funded public schools, clean air, freedom from gun violence, universal health care and a science-based strategy to reduce global warming. This is a lie.

There is no legitimate reason Utahns can’t have excellent public schools, clean air, life-saving gun regulations, universal health care and a commitment to save the planet. But this takes honest, enlightened leadership, which our penny-pinching legislators won’t provide.

Wake up, Utah residents. You have nothing to lose but a bought-off GOP dictatorship and an authentic democracy to reclaim.

Capitalism has produced great wealth, and now it's time to share its fruits by requiring higher taxes from those who have benefited most. Some might call it liberalism; however, it is the only way for a truly democratic society to guarantee some measure of equality, freedom and justice for all.

State legislators have simply forgotten what that means.

Ron Molen, Salt Lake City