The outrage sweeping our country in response to the injustice of the Kavanaugh hearing is well justified. The culture of misogyny inherent in the Republican Party and with Donald Trump has reached an unprecedented low as the Kavanaugh hearing proceeds.

The values of this culture are so blatantly twisted, they claim women victimized by sexual assault to be the perpetrators and their male perpetrators to be the victims. Adding to this flagrant insult to decency, Republican Sens. Chuck Grassley, Lindsey Graham, Mitch McConnell and others declared, in advance, the testimony of Christine Blasey Ford and other women who may testify to be irrelevant, regardless of what may be revealed.

Instead of a genuine search for the truth, the hearing was a mockery of impartiality, rigorous investigation and due process. Because Republicans are obsessed with confirming their nominee regardless of qualifications and consequences, they remain blind to their ethical and moral bankruptcy.

In this environment, a fair and impartial discovery of the facts to determine if Brett Kavanaugh is qualified for the Supreme Court is impossible. Nationwide polls confirm this fact. Even the majority of Republican women oppose his confirmation.

Kavanaugh must be rejected. Likewise, Republicans must be rejected this November. Enough is enough!

Andrew Kramer, Ivins