It is greatly disappointing that the Trump administration and our very own state’s representatives do not wish to participate in slowing the effects of climate change, despite the NHTSA’s Draft Environmental Impact Statement that states that global temperatures will rise a staggering 7 degrees by 2100.

The primary cause of climate change is excessive carbon releases into the atmosphere, and it is within America’s grasp to be a major player in drastically reducing these emissions by pursuing a carbon fee and dividend, a market-based, revenue-neutral plan advocated by the nonpartisan Citizens’ Climate Lobby and by the conservative groups Americans for Carbon Dividends and the Climate Leadership Council.

There are also “side” benefits to be gained by participating in such a plan, primarily cleaner air and purer water. Our state representatives should be especially keen to clean up Utah’s polluted air, which negatively affects the health of our citizenry, especially the most vulnerable among us.

Andrea Henkels Heidinger, Holladay