Think about this. Donald Trump would not have been elected without any of the following: Twitter, Fox News and the right-wing propaganda machine, the Electoral College, eligible voters who did not vote, automation that takes away higher-paying jobs with benefits, Trump’s lies that too many voters believed, racism, fear of immigrants, fear of a woman being president, Republicans afraid to denounce him, big money from the rich that pays for Republican attack ads, religious leaders who remain silent, etc.

Notice I did not even mention Russian bots, Russian Facebook posts, Trump condo sales to launder Russian money, Russian donations to the NRA, etc.

This is the reality we are in today. We must work to fix these problems. We need government, at all levels, that represents average working Americans and not just big business. Please make sure you are properly registered to vote (through your county clerk), study the issues and candidates, and vote this fall.

Some tips: Tax cuts do not pay for themselves. Many business regulations protect average Americans from pollution, toxins and fraud.

Mark Rothacher, Salt Lake City