The world-renowned Narrows top-down hike in Zion National Park was closed this week after a landowner posted “no trespassing” signs on a large section that runs through his property. For over 20 years this landowner has given hikers free access through his land, and now quite understandably seeks to sell the land to the park for a price he thinks is fair or be otherwise compensated. Both sides want a solution, but are held up by federal regulations regarding land purchase.

President Trump, use your famed wealth and deal-making ability and demonstrate your love of the everyday American by purchasing the Narrows from the owner at a fair price and then gifting it to Zion National Park. With this magnanimous, act you would do much to restore your reputation with conservationists and outdoor enthusiasts and join the ranks of other famous philanthropists who have donated land to national parks, such as John D. Rockefeller (Grand Teton, Acadia) and Steven Mather (Yosemite). The park, the landowner and all Americans would benefit from this act of generosity and leadership.

Robert L. Cieri III, Salt Lake City