While I agree that true medical use of marijuana should be allowed, Proposition 2 is not the way to do it if we want to minimize the unavoidable recreational use. The devil is in the details.

There are many ways to reduce recreational use while permitting medical use. Prohibit smoking, vaping or any other way of using it that may give second-hand exposure, but permit edibles, creams, liquids, inhalers and pills.

Let cities and counties regulate location. Distribute medical products solely through pharmacies and recreational products solely through state-owned outlets. Use all recreational profits and taxes to educate against using it irresponsibly, to fund research on effects, to provide cessation treatment and to prosecute irresponsible use.

Prop 2 does none or nearly none of these. It instead lays the groundwork for a marijuana industry that will constantly seek to push into recreational sales through privately owned stores. We should all vote no.

Earl D. Tanner Jr., West Jordan