I was sickened and disgusted by the article in Monday’s Salt Lake Tribune regarding serial trophy killer Wallace Keele.

It seems our brave sportsman illegally murdered a brown bear after being led by a corrupt “guide” to a site baited with dog food and grease. Sorry, but to call that an “ethical harvest” of an animal is ridiculous. That’s not hunting. It’s a cowardly assassination.

Then, after being properly sanctioned in Alaska, Keene went on his merry poaching way to more unconscionable slaughter. Valid charges were dismissed. Division of Wildlife Resources, get your wrist slapper ready.

Worse, though, was the picture with Bungalow Bill posing before his wall of shame. Every magnificent, though unfortunately dead, creature there was probably 10 times smarter and more highly evolved than Keele. The scene is revolting. He should be permanently banned from hunting, have his toys and pop-guns confiscated and be sentenced to clean animal enclosures in the zoo until he learns some basic humility and respect for our fellow animals.

Steve Russell, Moab