Without ever meeting or hearing the account of Christine Blasey Ford, who has charged Brett Kavanaugh with sexual assault and attempted rape, Utah’s Sen. Orrin Hatch says she must be “mixed up” and that Kavanaugh is a “good man.” Such casual, factually baseless disregard for a woman who very credibly claims she was sexually assaulted is, itself, appalling misconduct.

Kavanaugh might be a better man now, but if he engaged in a sexual assault at any time in his life, he should be disqualified from serving on our nation’s highest court.

The message should be sent, loudly and clearly, particularly to young men, that those who engage in sexual assaults will face serious ramifications for the rest of their lives.

Hatch and all other members of the Senate should demand full accountability rather than provide excuses for perpetrators and seek to discredit those with the courage to expose their abusers.

Rocky Anderson, Salt Lake City