“I could go poop on that pile of rocks over there,” came from the mouth of a babe who was told that potties are not available at the central station of the UTA because the homeless would destroy them!

While the UTA appears to be in a process of rebirth, perhaps the respect and dignity of customers should be looked at first and foremost. One would think that all of humanity, in their basic shared need of toilets, would have priority over huge parking lots and expensive developments to generate income.

If the destruction of public toilets is a concern, please gain knowledge from a TV series available on MHZ called “A French Village.” Set during World War II, it features an indestructible public toilet made of bricks, waist high, with a concealed area at the turn of the bricks. No doors or locks required.

I recall with pleasure the visit to Paris about 20 years ago when a visit to a prominent, modern public toilet finished with a complete shower down after my exit! Now there is an example of respect for all of humanity in meeting the most basic of needs hygienically.

Come to think of it, this planning of public toilets could do wonders in cleaning up the downtown area as well, including Rio Grande.

Mieke Schoenberg, Millcreek