Shame on The Salt Lake Tribune for publishing the full-page ad paid for by Truth About Proposition 2 on Sunday, Sept. 23. It was full of misinformation.

The truth is Prop 2 is the Utah Medical Cannabis Act and is not intended to legalize recreational cannabis.

The ad states, “Prop 2 was primarily written and funded by a big out of state Marijuana Industry…,” referring to the website I visited the site. This “industry” is the Marijuana Policy Project, a nonprofit organization, staffed with about 20 employees. While it may be the largest organization of its kind in the U.S., it is mainly funded through individual donations. It is not an “industry” and cannot be lumped with “big tobacco” or “big pharma.”

The ad states that “Prop 2 is devastating for children and families.” All of the eight bullet points are misleading and not directly related to Prop 2 or medical cannabis.

Don’t fall for this ad, clearly designed to cause unfounded fear, especially for parents. I urge everyone to read the full text of Prop 2, complete with controls at every step.

By the way, I don’t use marijuana. My motivation for this letter is to challenge the blatant spreading of misinformation.

Andrea Rodriguez, Holladay