Rep. Chris Stewart revealed in a recent debate that he supports cutting Social Security and Medicare. He praised his efforts to give millionaires and billionaires a permanent tax cut, but to pay for it and stem the rising national debt, he plans to reduce the amount seniors get in Social Security and raise the age of retirement and Medicare eligibility.

Do you support that? He thinks you do. If you vote for him or choose not to vote, then you give him the green light. He calls Social Security and Medicare “entitlements” that need to be reformed. I’ve paid into both systems since I was 15 years old.

It’s not a welfare program. It’s our money. When I retire, I will have paid 6.2 percent of my wages over the past 50-plus years into Social Security. I am “entitled” to that pension and I will resist it being cut or the eligibility age being raised to pay for permanent tax cuts for the wealthy. Regardless of what party you favor, Social Security and Medicare reform will hurt you and your family. Don’t let Stewart loot our Social Security. Take a stand. Please vote against Chris Stewart.

John Nelson, Wellsville