In a recent debate, challenger Shireen Ghorbani and Rep. Chris Stewart were asked what was the biggest threat to the USA.

Stewart said China, Ghorbani said the president.

I agree with Ghorbani.

It is dangerous to have a leader who promotes hate and racism. It is dangerous to have a leader undermine his own security and intelligence forces. It is dangerous to have a leader who tries to undermine the First Amendment to the Constitution that he is supposed to support by calling things he does not agree with fake news!

A leader is supposed to be someone who sets an example for young people to want to emulate.

Yes, dividing the country from within is dangerous.

A leader has opinions like everyone else, but calling names and promoting hate is not the way to run a country.

I do agree that dividing from within is just as dangerous as outside forces.

So when I vote it will not be for Stewart, who has gone along with all the nonsense and dishonesty of this administration!

Good luck, Shireen.

Craig G Erickson, Tooele