Years ago we could walk our canyons in peace. Now we must get out of the way of aggressive mountain bikers whose need for a mechanized thrill experience threatens our experience of a peaceful walk in the woods.

This is not the only threat to our canyons, as we parked along the little Cottonwood Creek we spent most of our time picking up cans, plastic bottles and assorted clothing items and wrappers. As if this were not enough, we’ve discovered that a ski resort wants to expand and developers and canyon property owners want to change building codes that will affect a source of water for the valley.

This is not good for us. Think of more buses, more people, wider roads, less solitude, more skiers, less snowpack. Wouldn't a numbered day entry system be better? Or a pay booth like Mill Creek? Perhaps more enforcement? Anyone listening out there besides those who want to profit from land degradation?

Hugh Culley, Murray