At a Montana rally, President Donald Trump managed to sum up in two sentences his entire swirling chaos: “How do you impeach somebody that’s doing a great job that hasn’t done anything wrong? If it does happen, it’s your fault, because you didn’t go out to vote.”

“Impeach”: In his narcissistic mind, the entire midterm election (well, everything, of course) is about him and what could happen to him.

“A great job”: The braggart takes credit for everything. He has done a great job dividing the American people and making a dumpster fire of the presidency. The Oval Office will need an exorcism when he leaves.

“Hasn’t done anything wrong”: Nothing but conspire with Russia to use hacked emails and social media to sway the election in his favor, launder money for Russian oligarchs for decades, refuse to divest himself from his businesses so he can make money from anyone who wants to curry favor, obstruct justice, lie on average 6-9 times a day, and bring sexual harassment and hush money to a new level.

“It’s your fault”: As with all narcissists, nothing is his fault. Trump has never been held accountable in his life. It’s time. Let’s do it in the midterms.

Judy Zone, Salt Lake City