How to Maintain a Green Lawn in Utah for Dummies:

1. Come to the realization that maintaining a luscious green lawn in the second driest state in the United States is depleting our limited supply of water and wasting your precious time mowing your lawn, fixing sprinklers and worrying about every inevitable brown spot. Once you’ve moved on from your green lawn fantasy, recognize that you live in a desert and can still have a cool yard landscape.

2. Purchase your favorite grass alternative; for example:

• Artificial turf is low maintenance and is great if you want a yard for animals or kids to play on.

• Native perennial beds come with more upkeep than artificial, but still less than green lawns because they are native plants that are adjusted to the local climate.

3. Rocks and mulch are good alternatives and can be pretty on their own or paired with native bushes or trees. Spend a Saturday setting up your new yard. It seems like a lot of work now, but trust me, it’s worth the low upkeep.

4. Enjoy your lower water bill, extra time with your loved ones, and knowing that you are making Utah a better place.

Elli Dastrup, Orem