Rep. Mia-Love’s long-running ad implies she is solely responsible for Josh Holt’s release from incarceration in Venezuela. To the contrary, a simple web search of “release of Josh Holt from Venezuela” shows that she did little other than call Sen. Orrin Hatch, then hold Josh’s mother’s hands. Others took the laboring oar, in particular Sen. Bob Corker, chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and his staff, who actually went to Caracas, met with President Nicolas Maduro and secured Josh’s release. Most of us were empathetic to the Holt family’s ordeal and prayed for Josh’s health and early release. But we don’t claim to have actually secured his release as does Love.

Love may live in her fantasy if she wishes, but if she wants my vote, she must tell me what else she has done and what she will do in the future to represent her constituents. The Holt ad says absolutely nothing about her qualifications to continue as our congresswoman (other than she is a “nice lady”). Ben McAdams says plainly and succinctly why he deserves, and gets, my vote.

F. Alan Fletcher, Murray