I am disappointed with Don Gale’s lack of intellectual persuasion and honesty when the second paragraph in his commentary labeled so many things as “fake” (“Do not demean news by calling it hoax,” Sept. 8).

President Donald Trump was elected lawfully, not falsely. Cabinet members passed muster lawfully. That we are working toward a lawful appointment to the Supreme Court of Judge Brett Kavanaugh — who is more informed, logical, extremely analytical and constitutionally aware than most members of the Judicial Committee — is encouraging. I see nothing to suggest that the process is working toward a “fake” Supreme Court.

Mr. Gale may be frustrated by the significant accomplishments of this administration with a style greatly needed for America, but nothing is fake. His opinion doesn’t make it “fake.”

Can you blame an administration that wants to get the much-needed reparations for the country enacted? The mainstream media don’t want to report the “unusual” accomplishments like unprecedented GDP growth, low unemployment for all, lower taxes, education improvements and reduction in arcane regulations, to name only a few.

So, when MSM doesn’t put the news in context, is it a hoax? Or is it sensationalism, thus making it less professional?

The recent anonymous op-ed in The New York Times could be a hoax. This is one reason the Washington Post does not print anonymous letters; they are more professional journalists.

Leslie Kappel, South Jordan