Rep. Mia Love must think we aren’t paying attention. She says her positions on issues from climate change to immigration are moderate but, when it’s time to vote, Love has supported the administration’s conservative agenda 96 percent of the time. This lockstep alignment with the administration means that she’s voted for laws to deregulate banks and discard important health care options that endanger Utahns with pre-existing conditions and has not said anything about the administration’s proposal to reduce auto emission standards.

She’s helped drive up the national debt by voting for a tax cut that doesn’t benefit most Utahns. Over the long term, our kids and grandkids will be paying down trillions of dollars in debt. The administration now says it wants to reduce the national debt and that all options are on the table, including Medicare, Social Security and other programs referred to as entitlements.

Love's record is not in step with most of the residents of Utah's 4th District. This fall, I'm voting for Ben McAdams.

Jana Lynn Kittle, Lehi