Now probably almost everyone who reads letters to the editor votes, but last midterm election 7 out of 10 of Utahns didn’t meet their responsibility to vote. Seriously, that is a big problem. Maybe they don’t vote because politicians seem to not care about what’s important?

Voters “hire” politicians, so campaigns only focus on issues that matter to voters. Judging by Utah’s well-earned anti-environment record, it’s obvious that most people who care about clean air and public lands aren’t voting in Utah. For example, take climate change; a majority of Americans support reducing carbon pollution and transitioning off of fossil fuels to help clean our air, but because nationally not even 50 percent of environmentalists vote, with less than 21 percent turnout in the last midterm elections, politicians listen to corporate lobbyists instead of constituents.

Luckily, we can fix this problem. While voting this election won’t change the candidates on our ballot in 2018, it’ll help provide us with candidates worth supporting in 2020. Higher voter participation rates will also pull candidates away from the extremes of both the right and left. Odds are most people you know don’t vote, so right now’s the time for us voters to speak up about voting’s importance.

Kevin Leecaster, Salt Lake City