Ivins has sold its soul and the natural beauty of its surrounding desert landscapes to the devil in the form of lustful greed.

A gaudy and clumsy resort, available to only the extremely wealthy, will soon be stuffed into the soft coral sands, winding canyons, spectacular cliffs and breathtakingly sacred desert landscapes adjoining Utah's lovely Snow Canyon. Wildlife under duress will be uprooted and shuttled away to fewer welcoming areas, and perhaps to their extinction, to make room for the private swimming pools, extortionate second homes and ostentatious adult play-toys of the overly wealthy. Long lines of stalled or creeping automobiles crowding the unnatural pavement roads that violate the desert sands will force incivility among humans and introduce raucous racketing on the silence of the desert. In time, expect to see a Trump Tower perched on the patient mesa that cuddles the canyon in its timeless beauty.

Sentierre Resort is human pride gone insane.

John Dombek, Santa Clara