In the recent years, concussion diagnoses have doubled in high school student-athletes by 16 percent. The main sport causing such a steep increase in concussions is football. Football includes many head-to-head collisions causing these injuries; it’s part of the game that will not change.

The way the NFL is playing off these injuries is saying that football is becoming safer, because of the top-of-the-line helmets and gear. The helmets can only help with exterior injuries to the head; the helmets cannot help with the interior side of the skull where the brain is. The brain is surrounded by fluids and sits in the skull untouched, but increased force to the skull causes it to hit the skull, which is causing the injury.

As the injuries rise in school, it will cause students to be less proactive in class. The only way to protect your head in this sport is to be a kicker or a punter.

Salvador Salazar, Sandy