I picked up the Sept. 2 Tribune and was eager to read the ballot proposition presentation. I was, however, disappointed with the thumbnail characterization that Prop 4 "would form an independent, unelected redistricting commission," the implication being that "unelected" is a bad thing. The fact is, past redistricting by the Legislature is the very thing that has led to gerrymandering and less accountable politicians in Utah. This is what Prop 4 seeks to address. Your reporting fails to make this point clearly.

The current system has communities unnecessarily divided and districts wandering all over the map. That's because at present there are virtually no rules for drawing districts. This is why legislators are able to choose their voters and create safe seats for themselves. This leads to a lack of accountability.

Prop 4 won't make Utah a blue state or even a purple one. It will, however, create guidelines to keep communities together and help ensure our politicians are accountable to the people who elect them. The Legislature willstill have a role in the process, but Prop 4's common-sense rules will limit harmful gerrymandering.

I am voting for Prop 4 in November. I urge my fellow Utahns to join me.

Nancy Lewis Huntsman, Park City