As a property owner in Big and Little Cottonwood canyons, I am upset with your editorial about the last excuse for denying owners the right to enjoy their land.

First, it was Envision Utah, then it became Mountain Accord, which wasted $8 million for nothing but fat salaries for some environmentalists. And now it is the same old zombies with a different name, the Central Wasatch Commission.

There is already 102,000 acres of wilderness, and that is way too much. It reminds me of the dumb dog that keeps attacking the porcupine. The landowners have said “No more,” many times. But these people won’t stop their plans for the total domination of the private land that is left. This time their ridiculous childish demand is for 80,000 more acres of wilderness. The real wilderness is between their ears.

John L. Anderson, Salt Lake City