Last night, I decided to switch over to Fox News to see how our president’s favorite “news” outlet was covering Team Trump’s escalating legal worries. Whom did I find in the anchor chair? None other than Utah’s own Jason Chaffetz.

You may remember Jason as our former bulldog congressman who endlessly investigated Hillary Clinton and then-President Barack Obama for anything and everything (Benghazi! emails!) but up and quit when it looked like he might have to investigate his new commander in chief. At the time, Jason said he wanted to spend more time with his family, yet last night he was in Fox's New York studio.

As it turned out, Jason (like Fox News as a whole) had nothing to say about his president but was rather still talking about those debunked Planned Parenthood videos he embarrassed himself with while chairing the House Committee on Oversight.

Yet, even in light of his dubious departure from Congress and his current role as a Trump cheerleader, a recent Tribune poll shows Chaffetz as the favorite among Utah voters should he choose to run for governor.

Really, Utah? Really?

Rob Greene, Salt Lake City